We love coffee!

The name Bumblebean is simply a reference to the dating app where Derrick and Aleen met.  5 years, a ring, 2 kids and a coffee company later... here we are!  Coffee connects people.  It's a morning ritual and caps off family dinners for millions of people around the world.  We wanted to play a role in making those connections and rituals better, even if just a little bit.  Thanks for stopping by.



There's more to coffee than you think.

Our coffee is organic and direct trade.  Direct trade means more money in the farmers' pockets.  This is not to be confused with Fairtrade, which really just adds another layer to the system and doesn't benefit the farmer, as much.  When you buy that 1lb of coffee for $10, farmers struggle to make ends meet.  We don't like that and feel that everyone involved in the process deserves their fair share, especially the farmers that grow these magical cherries. Every time you buy a bag of Bumblebean Coffee, you help make the coffee industry a little bit better.  THANK YOU!


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