Why Whole Beans?

We only sell whole beans for 1 reason; coffee tastes better when it's fresh. Coffee is an organic product, so once it's been ground, it goes stale quick. When the bean is whole, it keeps all those wonderful flavours locked up inside and once ground (preferably with a burr grinder), you get this great aromatic smell, but the surface area increases exponentially, exposing the bean to oxygen so much more than when it's a whole bean.


Sure, you're buying whole beans, but there's a good chance those beans are months old, fully exposed to the air and light, and very stale.

When you purchase a bag of our beans, they are packaged in a high quality bag, with a zipper top, to lock in that freshness longer. Those tin ties do an ok job, but air is still getting into those bags, causing the beans to go stale faster. While we're on the topic of bags, you know that valve on the bag that you put your nose to and squeeze the bag to smell the coffee? That's not it's intended use! It's a one-way valve that allows CO2 to escape the bag, without letting oxygen in. The process is called off-gassing and all whole beans do it. Without that valve, the bag could actually explode from the pressure of the gas inside the bag. Cool, right!?

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